RMLS™ Privacy Policy RMLS.com

RMLS™ operates a member-based multiple listing service. As part of the services offered to our members, RMLS™ has created and maintains a public website, RMLS.COM, that members can direct their clients to use.

The privacy of your personal information is very important to RMLS™. We have created this privacy policy to inform you of what information is collected from the user, how it is utilized and with whom it may be shared.

RMLS.COM does not require a log on to access data, therefore no personal information is collected, stored or distributed.

RMLS™ collects information, which is not personally identifiable, about your use of the RMLS.COM system through "cookies". Cookies may store information about the website you just left before entering RMLS.COM, or the search actions you perform while using RMLS.COM. These data elements are used to analyze proposed enhancements to the RMLS.COM website, and contain no personal information about the user. Closing the browser will expire the cookie and it will no longer have any effect.

If a member of the public contacts RMLS™ staff directly using the "contact webmaster" feature of RMLS.COM, your correspondence may be retained for reference and/or follow up, or further distributed to relevant parties. The public should have no expectation that correspondence to RMLS™ will remain confidential.

For more information about this Privacy Statement, contact RMLS™:

RMLS™ Corporate Office
8338 NE Alderwood Road #230
Portland, OR 97220

Version 1.1 3/22/12